Chin. Phys. Lett.  1995, Vol. 12 Issue (8): 469-472    DOI:
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Microdefects in Te-Rich PbTe Bulk Crystal
WANG Geya;SHI Tiansheng;ZHANG Suying*
Shanghai Institute of Metallurgy, Academia Sinica, Shanghai 200050 *Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Academia Sinica, Shanghai 200083
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WANG Geya, SHI Tiansheng, ZHANG Suying 1995 Chin. Phys. Lett. 12 469-472
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Abstract The microdefects in Te-rich PbTe coating material grown by Bridgman technique have been studied via transmission electron microscopy. The results indicate that the major microdefects in Te-rich PbTe crystal are plate-like defects lying on {100} plane and homogeneously distributed in the matrix with density about 1.7x1016/cm3. They are originated from the precipitation of native point defects in Te-rich PbTe which occured in the cooling and annealing process and presented in the form of plates consisting of Te anti-site atoms or interstitial Te atoms.
Keywords: 61.72.-y      61.72.Ff     
Published: 01 August 1995
PACS:  61.72.-y (Defects and impurities in crystals; microstructure)  
  61.72.Ff (Direct observation of dislocations and other defects (etch pits, decoration, electron microscopy, x-ray topography, etc.))  
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SHI Tiansheng
ZHANG Suying
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