Topic Collections

CPL editors have identified the journal’s most important and exciting content, which is normally commissioned by the Editorial Board. Here we classify them into several topics of particular current interest for your convenience. Articles in the topic collections will be updated regularly to ensure that they are timely and useful.


l  Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems

l  Nonlinear and Integrable Systems

l  Plasma Physics

l  Astronomy and Astrophysics

l  Integral System

l  Ferroelectric Materials

l  Nuclear and Particle Physics

l  High-Pressure Physics

l  Bilayer Graphene and other Materials

l  Topological Materials and Physics

l  2D Materials

l  Cold Atom

l  Strong field and Attosecond Physics

l  Optical Field Manipulation

l  Construction of functional devices toward atomic-scale: fundamentals and frontiers

l  Thermodynamics and Thermal Metamaterials

l  Quantum Information, Quantum Optics, Quantum Computation

l  Magnetism

l  Superconductivity and Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems

l  Non-Hermitian Physics

l  Topological Insulators