Chin. Phys. Lett.  2016, Vol. 33 Issue (06): 067402    DOI: 10.1088/0256-307X/33/6/067402
Superconductivity in Undoped CaFe$_{2}$As$_{2}$ Single Crystals
Dong-Yun Chen1, Jia Yu1, Bin-Bin Ruan1, Qi Guo1, Lei Zhang2, Qing-Ge Mu1, Xiao-Chuan Wang1, Bo-Jin Pan1, Gen-Fu Chen1,3, Zhi-An Ren1,3**
1Institute of Physics and Beijing National Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100190
2High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei 230031
3Collaborative Innovation Center of Quantum Matter, Beijing 100190
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Dong-Yun Chen, Jia Yu, Bin-Bin Ruan et al  2016 Chin. Phys. Lett. 33 067402
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Abstract Single crystals of undoped CaFe$_{2}$As$_{2}$ are grown by an FeAs self-flux method, and the crystals are quenched in ice-water rapidly after high-temperature growth. The quenched crystal undergoes a collapsed tetragonal structural phase transition around 80 K revealed by the temperature-dependent x-ray diffraction measurements. Superconductivity below 25 K is observed in the collapsed phase by resistivity and magnetization measurements. The isothermal magnetization curve measured at 2 K indicates that this is a typical type-II superconductor. For comparison, we systematically characterize the properties of the furnace-cooled, quenched, and post-annealed single crystals, and find strong internal crystallographic strain existing in the quenched samples, which is the key for the occurrence of superconductivity in the undoped CaFe$_{2}$As$_{2}$ single crystals.
Received: 02 May 2016      Published: 30 June 2016
PACS:  74.70.Xa (Pnictides and chalcogenides)  
  74.62.Dh (Effects of crystal defects, doping and substitution)  
  75.60.Ej (Magnetization curves, hysteresis, Barkhausen and related effects)  
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Dong-Yun Chen
Jia Yu
Bin-Bin Ruan
Qi Guo
Lei Zhang
Qing-Ge Mu
Xiao-Chuan Wang
Bo-Jin Pan
Gen-Fu Chen
Zhi-An Ren
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