Chin. Phys. Lett.  2006, Vol. 23 Issue (12): 3187-3189    DOI:
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Robust Blind Adaptive Channel Equalization in Chaotic Communication Systems
Key Lab of Signal and Information Processing, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu 610031
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ZHANG Jia-Shu 2006 Chin. Phys. Lett. 23 3187-3189
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Abstract Based on the bounded property and statistics of chaotic signal and the idea of set-membership identification, we propose a set-membership generalized least mean square (SM-GLMS) algorithm with variable step size for blind adaptive channel equalization in chaotic communication systems. The steady state performance of the proposed SM-GLMS algorithm is analysed, and comparison with an extended Kalman filter (EKF)-based adaptive algorithm and variable gain least mean square (VG-LMS) algorithm is performed for blind adaptive channel equalization. Simulations show that the proposed SM-GLMS algorithm can provide more significant steady state performance improvement than the EKF-based adaptive algorithm and VG-LMS algorithm.
Keywords: 05.45.-a     
Published: 01 December 2006
PACS:  05.45.-a (Nonlinear dynamics and chaos)  
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