从2012年6月起,为了加快高质量论文的审稿和发表时间, 《中国物理快报》推出了“EXPRESS LETTERS”栏目。拟投给这个栏目的论文,作者需在投稿信(送中,从新颖性、重要性和时效性三方面简要说明投该栏目的理由。 编辑部将根据编委的建议,决定是否按“EXPRESS LETTERS”栏目的要求做审稿处理。被考虑在这个栏目发表的论文,CPL将在2周内给出文章是否录用的决定,并在1-4周内在网络上正式发表。论文彩色印刷,不收任何费用。我们将竭诚为作者服务,期待你们把重要的研究结果选择在《中国物理快报》 “EXPRESS LETTERS”栏目发表。 

Welcome to submit to EXPRESS LETTERS

To disseminate important high-quality articles as soon as possible, Chinese Physics Letters introduced a special EXPRESS LETTERS section in June 2012. For authors wishing to submit an EXPRESS LETTER, please include a letter to the editors ( to describe the novelty, importance, and urgency of your article in its specific field. Based on the judgment of the Editorial Board, we will decide whether or not the article is suitable for EXPRESS LETTERS, and a letter of acceptance or rejection will be sent within two weeks. If accepted, your paper will be published within four weeks with no page charges, and figures in color will also be free. We sincerely hope you will consider EXPRESS LETTERS in Chinese Physics Letters for your next important research results.