Referee FAQs

1. Quetion: How to review manuscript for Chinese Physics Letters (CPL) ?
Answer: When you are invited to review submission for Chinese Physics Letters (CPL:  Chin Phys Lett ), an invitation e-mail will be sent to you, with linking to our Online reviewing system.
Your usename and password will be including in the email, which can only be opened to you. And other information about the manuscript, such as title, manuscript ID and abstract will be enclosed too.
You can visit the linking to agree/decline, or begin to download the fulltext and enter your confidential comments. 

2. Question: Why do I fail to login?
Answer: Usually, failure to login is caused by the following reasons:
(1) The username and password is CASE SENSITIVE.
(2) There are more than one accounts with the usename you type.
In this case, you should email to to require merging the account for you, and the valid account will be sent to you by email.
(3) Error username or Password: If you forget the registered username or password, or the old username is invalid, it may be caused by our adjustment in database, to keep the data easy-managed, You have to use Password Help to get back your account information. DO NOT register repeatedly.

3. When I get back my account information, Why are there so many account? Which one can I use?
Answer: The only reason is that you have registered independently in 4 Journals published by Chinese Physical Society (Chinese Physics B, Acta Physics Sinica, Chinese Physics Letters, Physics), which were running independently before.
And now, they are running together and share information each other.
You can use any of the account to login.
However, we strongly suggest to merge the redundancy information, in order not to confuse the authors or reviewers. So, please feel free to tell us by email to, the account you would like to keep valid, and we will merge the others.

Any quetions or suggestions when submission or reviewing will be warmly welcome.
Technology support is available to email:
Manuscript or reviewing process is available to email: