Chin. Phys. Lett.  2017, Vol. 34 Issue (8): 084204    DOI: 10.1088/0256-307X/34/8/084204
Wideband Tunable Frequency-Doubling Optoelectronic Oscillator Using a Polarization Modulator and an Optical Bandpass Filter
Qing-Chao Huang1,2, Qi Wang1,2, Cheng-Wu Yang1,2, Wei Chen1**, Jian-Guo Liu1,2, Ning-Hua Zhu1
1Laboratory of Solid State Optoelectronic information Technology, Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100083
2College of Materials Science and Opto-Electronic Technology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049
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Abstract A wideband tunable frequency-doubling optoelectronic oscillator (FD-OEO) is proposed and experimentally demonstrated based on a polarization modulator and an optical bandpass filter (OBPF). The central frequency of the correspondingly fundamental OEO could be adjusted by tuning the bandwidth and central frequency of the OBPF, which could also be regarded as a photonic-assisted tunable microwave filter. The frequency tuning range of the FD-OEO covers from 9.5 to 32.8 GHz, and the single sideband phase noise of the fundamental signal is lower than $-$100 dBc/Hz at an offset of 10 kHz. Moreover, the frequency stability of the generated signal is investigated by measuring its Allan deviation. The Allan deviation of the generated fundamental signal at 10 GHz is 2.39$\times$10$^{-9}$.
Received: 26 April 2017      Published: 22 July 2017
PACS:  42.79.Hp (Optical processors, correlators, and modulators)  
  42.79.Sz (Optical communication systems, multiplexers, and demultiplexers?)  
  42.30.Lr (Modulation and optical transfer functions)  
  42.60.Fc (Modulation, tuning, and mode locking)  
  42.25.Ja (Polarization)  
Fund: Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant No 61675196, the National Basic Research Program of China under Grant No 2014CB340102, the National High-Tech Research and Development Program of China under Grant No 2015AA016903, and the Open Research of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications under Grant No IOOC2013A002.
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Qing-Chao Huang, Qi Wang, Cheng-Wu Yang et al  2017 Chin. Phys. Lett. 34 084204
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Qing-Chao Huang
Qi Wang
Cheng-Wu Yang
Wei Chen
Jian-Guo Liu
Ning-Hua Zhu
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