Chin. Phys. Lett.  2019, Vol. 36 Issue (7): 077201    DOI: 10.1088/0256-307X/36/7/077201
Spin Transport under In-plane Electric Fields with Different Orientations in Undoped InGaAs/AlGaAs Multiple Quantum Wells
Xiao-di Xue1,2, Yu Liu2,3, Lai-pan Zhu2,4, Wei Huang2,5, Yang Zhang2,3, Xiao-lin Zeng2,3, Jing Wu2,3, Bo Xu2, Zhan-guo Wang2, Yong-hai Chen2,3**, Wei-feng Zhang1**
1Henan Key Laboratory of Photovoltaic Materials, Henan University, Kaifeng 475004
2Key Laboratory of Semiconductor Materials Science, Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Key Laboratory of Low Dimensional Semiconductor Materials and Devices, Beijing 100083
3Center of Materials Science and Optoelectronics Engineering, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049
4Beijing Institute of Nanoenergy and Nanosystems, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100083
5Science and Technology on Monolithic Integrated Circuits and Modules Laboratory, Nanjing Electronic Devices Institute, Nanjing 210016
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Xiao-di Xue, Yu Liu, Lai-pan Zhu et al  2019 Chin. Phys. Lett. 36 077201
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Abstract The spin-polarized photocurrent is used to study the in-plane electric field dependent spin transport in undoped InGaAs/AlGaAs multiple quantum wells. In the temperature range of 77–297 K, the spin-polarized photocurrent shows an anisotropic spin transport under different oriented in-plane electric fields. We ascribe this characteristic to two dominant mechanisms: the hot phonon effect and the Rashba spin-orbit effect which is influenced by the in-plane electric fields with different orientations. The formulas are proposed to fit our experiments, suggesting a guide of potential applications and devices.
Received: 22 February 2019      Published: 20 June 2019
PACS:  72.25.Dc (Spin polarized transport in semiconductors)  
  72.40.+w (Photoconduction and photovoltaic effects)  
  72.25.Fe (Optical creation of spin polarized carriers)  
Fund: Supported by the National Basic Research Program of China under Grant No 2015CB921503, the National Natural Science Foundation of China under Grant Nos 61474114, 11574302, 61627822 and 11704032, and the National Key Research and Development Program of China under Grant Nos 2018YFA0209103, 2016YFB0402303 and 2016YFB0400101.
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Xiao-di Xue
Yu Liu
Lai-pan Zhu
Wei Huang
Yang Zhang
Xiao-lin Zeng
Jing Wu
Bo Xu
Zhan-guo Wang
Yong-hai Chen
Wei-feng Zhang
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