Chin. Phys. Lett.  2020, Vol. 37 Issue (9): 097403    DOI: 10.1088/0256-307X/37/9/097403
Pressure-Dependent Point-Contact Spectroscopy of Superconducting PbTaSe$_2$ Single Crystals
Hai Zi1,2, Ling-Xiao Zhao2, Xing-Yuan Hou2, Lei Shan2, Zhian Ren2, Gen-Fu Chen2, and Cong Ren1,2*
1School of Physics and Astronomy, Yunnan University, Kunming 650500, China
2Beijing National Laboratory for Condensed Matter Physics, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing 100190, China
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Hai Zi, Ling-Xiao Zhao, Xing-Yuan Hou et al  2020 Chin. Phys. Lett. 37 097403
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Abstract We develop an experimental tool to investigate the order parameter of superconductors by combining point-contact spectroscopy measurement with high-pressure technique. It is demonstrated for the first time that planar point-contact spectroscopy measurement on noncentrosymmetric superconducting PbTaSe$_2$ single crystals is systematically subjected to hydrostatic pressures up to 12.1 kbar. Under such a high pressure, the normal-state contact resistance is sensitive to the applied pressure, reflecting the underlying variation of contact transparency upon pressures. In a superconducting state, the pressure dependence of the energy gap $\varDelta_0$ and the critical temperature $T_{\rm c}$ for gap opening/closing are extracted based on a generalized Blond–Tinkham–Klapwijk model. The gap ratio $2\varDelta_0/k_{_{\rm B}}T_{\rm c}$ indicates a crossover from weak coupling to strong coupling in electron pairing strength upon pressure for PbTaSe$_2$. Our experimental results show the accessibility and validity of high-pressure point-contact spectroscopy, offering rich information about high-pressure superconductivity.
Received: 20 July 2020      Published: 24 August 2020
PACS:  74.45.+c (Proximity effects; Andreev reflection; SN and SNS junctions)  
  74.62.Fj (Effects of pressure)  
Fund: Supported by the National Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 11574373 and 11774303), and the Joint Fund of Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department (Grant No. 2019FY003008).
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Hai Zi
Ling-Xiao Zhao
Xing-Yuan Hou
Lei Shan
Zhian Ren
Gen-Fu Chen
and Cong Ren
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